Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

At PARC Engineering, we understand the importance of health, safety, the environment and quality is to the foundation and success of our projects. Our Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality systems are certified to ISO standards, and are kept front and centre in everything we do.

We focus on proactive auditing, preventative action planning, trend identification and issue resolution in order to achieve incident and injury free goals and “right first time” from a quality perspective. The company continually develops innovative methods of achieving these goals in order to enhance its reputation as a safe and high—quality organisation.

We also work hard to mitigate any potential environmental impacts from our work. We do this by ensuring our workforce appreciates the environment we operate in and does everything they can to reduce any impact at the work site. All in all, we aim to take big steps to leave small footprints.

At PARC Engineering, certainty in delivery is guaranteed through ourteam of experienced and professional employees and reinforced through strong and engaged leadership.

PARC Engineering is committed to delivering the best results and outcomes for its projects each and every time.