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At PARC Engineering, we’re a little different. We are not recruiters… Our team consists of engineers, tradesmen and industry professionals. We’ve executed projects and worked in owner operated and EPCM teams across small, mid and top tier assets. We understand the industry and the resources required to design, construct and operate projects.

We understand our clients needs, because we’ve sat in their shoes. This is our point of difference, and it leads to better outcomes for our clients. We won’t flood you with resume’s of people who don’t suit. We work with you to develop the role description, then market the position professionally to attract the right candidates. We take the pain out of recruitment, so you can do what you do best.

Our Process…

We do things differently

Right off the bat, it’s important that we take the time to understand your needs and define the role. And, we can do this better than most, after all, our team consists of engineers, tradesmen and industry professionals.

To attract the right person, we have to market the position correctly. We tailor our approach to suit the role and the client. We use multiple platforms to market the position to broad range of professionals. And, given our industry experience we are well networked with professionals who excel in their fields.

We don’t rest until we’ve found the right person for our clients. And, that doesn’t mean filling your inbox with endless candidates who barely fit the bill. We review all applications, responding to all, and then interview potential candidates on the phone and in person, to ensure they are definite match. We ask the right questions and understand the responses. So we can quickly and accurately identify the right people.

Only the best candidates will be put forward. This means our clients aren’t bogged down sifting through CV’s. We work with the client through the final stages of the process, until all are happy.

Appointing a person in a role doesn’t mean our job is over. It is critical that the people we place are productive and happy. Likewise, it is imperative that our clients see the value added by these individuals and continue to nurture their growth. We always strive to maintain long term relationships with our people and our clients.